The Ultimate Weightloss and Optimal Lifestyle Program

Published : 09/12/2017 15:38:04
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Naturopath Tim Altman has years of experience consulting and running successful led health programs. This next fully supported program is aimed to provide complete and long term solutions to chronic illness, including  behavioual, emotional and lifestyle factors to create long term change.

Information from Tim himself. For more information please contact Tim directly (details below):

No bold and headline grabbing guarantees or promises of amazing weight loss in very little time that set you up for failure long term.
Instead, a guarantee and a promise that you will be fully supported by me on multiple levels for the entire program.

“Following 20 years of personal exploration and experience working with clients in nutrition/weight management, optimal living and chronic illnesses (including chronic fatigue, pain, IBS, anxiety) I have concluded that conventional weight management or optimal nutrition programs predominantly fail long term because they fall short of addressing the mismatch between the multiple sources of stress in the modern lifestyle, and the body we have inherited from our hunter-gatherer ancestors.”

Weekly Group or One on One Progress Checks via Bio-Impedance testing for 1 month followed by fortnightly testing until Christmas.

Incorporation and establishment of ‘Optimal Lifestyle’ and Stress Reduction habits in weekly and fortnightly tests – including:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Rhythms – for stress management and energy
  • Establishment of emotionally meaningful and realistic goals for each individual
  • Advice on, and referrals to individually suited exercise options
  • Stress Management strategies – many great options
  • Improved sleep strategies
  • Establishing positive morning rituals
  • Creating Daily Balanced Plans with energy inventories
  • Targeting each individual’s triggers to stress at higher levels (in the brain).

Group or One on One options available. Max group numbers = 12
Contact or 0425 739 918

  • Weekly Group Catch Ups and Progress Testing by Tim Using Bio-Impedance testing for 4 weeks, followed by fortnightly catch-ups and testing for 8 weeks.
  • Incorporating several options for intermittent fasting to allow you to integrate a normal working and social life with health and ideal weight promoting nutrition – you choose the plan that will suit you best.
  • A Food Oriented Program not heavily reliant on products – only 2 products used throughout.
  • Realistic and meaningful goals to each individual established for the program.
  • Establishment of a private group support network via Whatsapp of Facebook.
  • You will learn daily diaphragmatic breathing rhythm exercises to help relax and manage stress.
  • Advice on exercise options that are ideal for your individual lifestyle and needs.
  • Discussion and implementation of other lifestyle factors to help support you along the way – including what triggers stress for you and how to break these patterns.
  • Further Exploration of Exercise, Health and Lifestyle habits and techniques to support your health and weight.
  • Building your breathing rhythms up to more advanced relaxation/meditation techniques.

Program Costs:
Group – $595 for all consultations.
One on One = $895 for all consultations.
*Private health insurance rebates available for all consultation charges (amount depends on your policy).
Payment options per 4 weeks or 12 weeks up front…
Product Costs = maximum $60 per week or $250 per month.
Starting Second Week of September (Week Beginning September 11th).
Email me at or call 0425 739 918 for further information or to book in.

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