A yogic approach to cleansing

Published : 11/23/2017 12:57:45
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Spring Cleanse Interview Series (Part 2):  A yogi's approach...patchyogabeach

Patchula Thompson is a soulful and inspiring yoga teacher, avid surfer, and is currently adding to her extensive knowledge by studying Chinese Medicine. As co-owner of buzzing Torquy studio 'Yoke Yoga', Patch facilitates workshops and teacher trainings and is an inspiration of health to all those whose path she crosses. Her approach to cleansing extends beyond food alone, and includes an awareness of the types of movement that can help or hinder the process, and the importance of "easing into a detox". 

What does ‘cleanse’ mean to you? 

A cleanse for me integrates both emotional and physical as I know that when I physically put whole foods into my body it balances my emotions. I will usually chose to cleanse two to three times per year and the type of cleanse I choose is just simply cutting out sugar, alcohol, coffee, gluten and meat. Coffee for me, is the biggest challenge! 

What are your top tips for cleansers? 

My biggest tip for cleansing would be to prepare ahead. If I don’t prep and have snacks and meals ready on hand, then it is easier to reach for something naughty! Each Sunday, plan your weekly meals and shop for that. I love cooking up big soups and stews, roasting veggies for salads and making bliss balls for snacks. 

What type of Exercise / movement do you recommend during a cleanse? 

I find that the first few days I feel a little slumpy, so yoga is the perfect practice to move your body in a non impactful yet energising way. Heated vinyasa classes are a great way to sweat out any heavy energy and clear your mind.  

What do you see as a common difficulty in cleansing amongst your students?  

Often I see students who are new to detoxing dive into a really strict cleanse like a raw food or juice cleanse. For some, this can be a little too restricting causing frustration which leads to giving up. My advice for newbies would be to ease into a detox, try out a couple and see what feels best for you. Remember that everybody is different- what works for some may not work for others.  

What is your favourite snack during a cleanse? 

I love making different flavoured bliss balls! Pina Colada flavour with coconut and pineapple bliss balls are my new fav – delicious! When I don’t feel like anything sweet then carrots sticks with homemade hummus is my go to.  

What is next on the cards for you?  

My focus is currently on my study of Chinese medicine. I have just finished my first year and am completely hooked. 

Ultimately, I would love to be able to offer integrative healing programs of yoga and Chinese philosophy and medicine. I have found that practicing both have had a huge impact on my overall wellbeing and I can’t wait to share this with others. Only 6 more years of study to go! Ha ha 


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You can find Patch teaching part time at Yoke Yoga Studio. 

The studio offers a supportive welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. 

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I hope you've enjoyed these insights that Patch has shared with us. 

I look forward to hearing stories from those of you whom may take some of this on!  

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** Photos courtesy of Yoke Yoga

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