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Published : 11/2/2017 16:33:52
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Spring Cleanse Interview Series (Part 1): An Ayurvedic Approach

Belinda Reid has been our practicing Naturopath here at Surfcoast Wholefoods for over 2 years, and has had a massive impact on the health of our community. Her depth of knowledge spans all ages and conditions, and her love of life is contageous! Here she shares with us all some fantastic, easily applicable approaches to cleansing, from a Western Naturopathic approach.

What does ‘cleanse’ mean to you? 

We all have inklings to detox or cleanse several times during the year. This is listening to your body's inherit wisdom that it knows how to heal itself. We need to trust that little voice and follow through with actions that are aligned with its wisdom.

How often do you cleanse, and recommend others to?

I usually do 2 official cleanses per year. Spring and Late Summer. Once the sun starts peeking out and we get a wiff of warm air, the Winter Hibernation starts to melt away and our energy begins to feel lighter. We want our body to reflect this, its wisdom is telling us "OI! Lighten the load please!" 


What are your TOP TIPS for cleansing?

1. Up your water intake - add chopped fruit, a squeeze of lemon of a splash of mineral water to keep it interesting

2. Go wheat, gluten and dairy free - these foods are glue to our insides, it's time to clear the clutter!

3. Dry skin brushing - AHHH MAHHH ZING! Doing this before jumping in the shower in the morning has you feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed, plus its a great way to get rid of the winter scaly skin

4. Make sure your dinner is hot - soup, stew, casserole, curry - it's not Summer yet, our Digestive System still needs fire to keep it ticking over correctly.

5. Magnesium Powder - will increase your energy, create restful sleep, balance blood sugar levels and having you pooing like a champ.... there is no use clearing toxins from the body if there is no exit route for them!


What sets people up for failure?

Cleansing fails without a plan and snacks in your handbag! 


How can this be avoided?

Before embarking on the cleansing journey, you need to get organized. Spend a Sunday arvo figuring out what you would like to each, writing out the shopping list, shopping and then get cooking! If your work is a food temptation zone, make sure you have plenty of cleanse friendly goodies in your bag, bring your own lunch and if you're off out have a sticky beak at the menu before leaving the house. 


Your top product or food recommendations?

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars - they literally have 4 ingredient and taste delish! Keep some in your bag at all times

Loving Earth Mylk Chocolate - dairy free, sweet and guilt free!

Melrose Magnesium Powder


What cautions should cleansers keep in mind?

Sugar cravings will hit if you haven't eaten enough protein and drunk enough water. Prepare for this! Have some appropriate snacks on hand to combat this.


What is your favourite healthy meal/ snack during a cleanse?

Chunky vegie soup


Any last words or advice?

Cleansing doesn't mean going hungry! It just means selecting your food a little differently.

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Please share this information with anyone and everyone you think could benefit so together we can continue to inspire an uplift those around us to their best possible health.

Yours in health,

Annabel and the Surfcoast Wholefoods team.

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